The only principle at I AM Foundation is 'giving'.

To aid this 'giving' and to create a better world, various renowned charity organizations have joined hands with the I AM Foundation. Given below is a brief introduction to each of them & their cause that moved us to them.

  • Sandipani Muni School
    Food for Life Vrindavana (FFLV) began to distribute kitchri in 1995 at the Sri Sri Krsna Balarama Mandir. After seeing so many poor children attend to nourish their stomachs, FFLV decided it was time to nourish their minds as well. The children were taught basic things such as the ABC’s, numbers, and songs. They began with about 50 children, but in only a short time 80 children are attending each evening. By 2002 a full fledged running school was opened and they name it Sandipani Muni School (SMS), Sandipani Muni was the childhood teacher of Lord Krsna. The school had transformed right before our eyes from a simple evening school to a full time day school. There were now 2 full time teachers working from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. teaching 120 children.
  • Mahila Mandal Federation
    The federation works to initiate a process whereby Dalit and Muslim women will identify and comprehend their own question and build enduring leadership from amongst themselves. They work on fundamental and make the society aware that the issue of atrocities does not relate an individual but is a social challenge and to imbibe within the society the constitutional values such as liberty, equality, justice and brotherhood and to make relentless efforts to create a positive comprehensive social and political scenario. The federation is run in Chembur-Trombay Taluka in Mumbai city, having maximum slums, people having lower income, dalits and larger muslim community. Mahila Mandal Federation believes in the principle of 'Those who have problem; will become leaders'. Therefore emphasis will be given on building leadership which is their major priority.
    The Research Society for the Care, Treatment and Training of Children In Need of Special Care, also called the Jaivakeel School, is a charitable organization founded in 1944 that works with children and individuals with a mental handicap and associated disabilities for the last 67 years.

    Spread over 2 acres of land in Sewri, Mumbai, the NGO has a School, a Vocational Training & Rehabilitation Center, an Autism Center, and Residential sections. The Institute also conducts Research in the Field of Mental Retardation and has a Teacher Training Institute to train Special Educators to work with children in need of special care. Over the past 67 years they have positively impacted the lives of over 1,00,000 special children and their families by providing multidisciplinary services.
  • CPAA - Cancer Patients Aid Association
    Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA) is a charitable NGO working towards the total management of Cancer as a disease. Established in 1969, CPAA, serves cancer patients across India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Pakistan. CPAA is an empathetic, reassuring, non-medical presence that has supported the treatment and overall needs of more than 40,000 cancer patients.

    CPAA has a vision to be an all-encompassing cancer help-agency that works towards patient care, aid and assistance, awareness and advocacy. To go beyond the malignancy and treatment of cancer on the medical front and help the individual cope with the economic, social and psychological shadows the disease may cast. To ensure a fair chance of treatment for every Indian citizen.
  • TERI - The Energy and Resources Institute
    Established in 1974, TERI, deals with the immense and acute problems that mankind is likely to face in the years to come. This includes the gradual depletion of the earth's finite energy resources which are largely non-renewable and the existing methods of their use which are polluting. TERI is a global think tank conducting research and analysis in the genres of energy and environment. In its 30 years of existence, TERI has completed more than 2600 projects with great success.
    TERI, has now launched the 'Lighting a Billion Lives' (LaBL) campaign. The campaign aims to bring modern source of lighting into the lives of one billion rural people. More than 200 villages across India and parts of cyclone stricken Myanmar have already been lit up. The campaign facilitates education of children; provides better illumination & smoke-free environment for women to do household chores; and opportunities for livelihoods.
    Bal Asha Trust is a professionally managed,non-profit-making voluntary organization working in the field of Women & Child Welfare and development since 1985. Recognized by the Government of India and the Government of Maharashtra, the Trust administers various Institutional & Non-Institutional Programmes.
    Bal Asha Trust has a Children’s home for abandoned & destitute children (new born to 12 years) in Mumbai. The Trust conducts a unique spectrum of programmes ranging from Adoption, Medical, Counselling & Psychological Programme to Education for children’s care and rehabilitation. Bal Asha Trust specializes in placement of older & children with special needs.
    ANI FOUNDATION is a Non Profit Advocacy Organization committed to bring about prevention of HIV and AIDS through a high impact Awareness Campaign involving the youth of this country. It works in collaboration with the UN, Govt. bodies, NGOs and Media to address Denial, Rights, Stigma and Discrimination.
    ANI Foundation has on board significant Govt. partners such as The National Aids Control Organization (NACO), National Service Scheme (NSS), Delhi State Aids Control Society (DSACS), UNAIDS and UNESCO to support this cause.
    Mr. Francis Menezes, is a resident of Mary's Clan, (It is situated just behind Mt. Mary's Basilica in Bandra and has been in a quiet and very low profile service & home for the fallen/disgraced/disowned/on-the-street alcoholics since 1983, which support in the recovery from alcoholism.) Mr.Francis has been working at the Fatima Grotto as a Watchman. He was suffering from severe knee Osteoarthritis.
    Today, Mr. Francis is successfully recovering post his Knee implant surgery, which was conducted at the Hinduja Hospital, which was majorly funded by the I AM Foundation.
    Ms. Payel Bhattacharya (33 Years ) from Delhi who Is suffering from Von Hippel – Lindau (VHL) in her liver and subsequently underwent Liver Transplant on 6th August’2008 , Thyroidectomy in 2006, brain hemangioma in 2006 and underwent a total 9 surgeries, currently undergone cyber knife radio surgery for 2 lesions on 18th june’13… now undergoing Fractionated Radiation. Payel’s Treatment is taken care by Dr Naresh Trehan from Medanta Hospital (Indore).
    Today, Ms Payel is taking a good care of herself and undergoing a proper Treatment.