Charity is certainly an option. However, we strongly believe that the best way to quell disadvantage is by way of opportunities. So, we focus to bring about a positive change in the lives of the most vulnerable of our society.

We may not realize how blessed we are. Let’s do a quick countdown:
We have a family that loves us, friends that care for us, and an education that stands us in good stead. We are physically able and have food to eat and drink, in a beautiful home we call our own. These bare necessities are a DREAM for the children who come from the NGO’s that I AM Foundation supports. Wish Fulfillment is the reason for I AM Foundation to exist.

Sushmita Sen, Miss Universe 1994, an acclaimed actor, and a single mother has been a title holder for several charitable endeavours that make positive efforts to ‘give back’ to society. The base of the I AM Foundation is to take this ‘giving’ to newer heights. The foundation has adopted various reputed charity organizations doing commendable work to make the world a better place to live in.

Registered on 18/11/2009 with the 80 G certificate acquired on 18/06/2012, over the years the I AM FOUNDATION has launched initiatives and built trusted partnerships with individuals, families, businesses, nonprofit and government agencies. Be it by giving education and other welfare facilities to nine girls at Sandipani Muni School, Sponsoring investigations & diagnosis of the cause of mental retardation in 62 individuals of which 44 children were benefited at Jai Vakeel School, providing welfare of abandoned and destitute children in its care like nursing, medical, educational etc for upto 70 children 24x7 at Bal Asha or be it setting up two solar charging stations with TERI in the Sunderban region in West Bengal, impacting around 120 households/600 lives in the area. These partners represent many different backgrounds, income levels and political sensibilities.
Our work together is living proof that collaboration brings solidarity and helps us serve each other better.

We want to stir every individual through love and sensibility. Let’s take a journey within and kindle the gentle soul which is a torch bearer for donations. Breadth of vision and deep local knowledge can help you focus your giving where it will have the greatest impact.

Mission & Vision
We seek to strengthen the Nation and inspire greater giving by:
  • Investing charitable assets for today and tomorrow.
  • Connecting donors with effective organizations, ideas and people.
  • Leading and collaborating on important public issues.